The Samsung Galaxy A, as a first smartphone from whole Galaxy family, has refined full metal unibody design. Furthermore it is still wonderfully slim and light because of its ultra-slim 6.7 mm body and 5-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Our task was to create a new way of communication of metal-glass design connection. Premium metal design and stylish colours... and everything, that a modern smartphone should have, included in only one letter...

so it's time - Time for A!

Key visuals

The idea of key visuals was to connect some high quality close ups of packshots and to play with background colors of available smartphone colors.We wanted to created some kind of modern minimalistic color mosaic.

Art Direction: Ewa Rejszel   /   Copy: Piotr Cichoński



Product introduction

A short storyboard of animation, that shows the core advantages of Galaxy A - High Quality Display, Design and Selfie. The animation begins with a mosaic created by the close ups of smartphones. The products are slowly moving or slightly enlarging, but still strong symmetrical - to give the impression of a real mosaic effect. Next are presented the main advantages of Galaxy A.